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Job Title : Sr. Web Developer (UI)

Qualification : BE/Btech

Experience : 4 – 8 years

Location : Hyderabad

Company Profile :

The OvalEdge data catalog, governance and access management suite is the vanguard of modern data management. We are on a mission to make data governance implementation effortless and accessible to all. We believe in the democratization of data and that everyone in an organization should have a platform available to make cutting-edge, data-driven business decisions.Working at the forefront of modern data governance, you’ll find yourself experimenting with and championing tools that are fundamentally changing the way organizations implement data governance strategies. We’re the only company in the world that has integrated Data Catalog and Data Governance into one platform to help organizations of all sizes to conceive, plan, implement, and achieve Governance at all levels. We’ve been recognized as one of the Top 3 Data Governance Companies in the world.

Responsibilities/Skills :

  • Develop and implement user interface components: Translate design mock-ups and wireframes into responsive and interactive web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Collaborate with design teams: Work closely with UX/UI designers to ensure the feasibility and optimal implementation of visual and interactive elements. Provide technical input and recommendations for enhancing user experience and interface design.
  • Front end development: Write clean, efficient, and maintainable code following best practices and coding standards. Optimize web applications for maximum speed and scalability. Ensure cross-browser and cross-device compatibility.
  • UI/UX optimization: Continuously improve the user interface and user experience of web applications. Implement performance enhancements, usability improvements, and accessibility standards.
  • Integration with back-end systems: Collaborate with back-end developers to integrate front end components with server-side logic. Ensure seamless data flow and efficient communication between the front end and back end.
  • Testing and debugging: Conduct thorough testing and debugging of front end components to identify and resolve issues. Perform browser compatibility testing and optimize the performance of web applications.
  • Documentation and version control: Maintain clear and up-to-date technical documentation for front end code, including code comments, version control history, and release notes. Utilize version control systems (e.g., Git) to manage code repositories effectively.
  • Stay updated with industry trends: Keep abreast of emerging front end technologies, frameworks, and best practices. Continuously expand your skill set and propose innovative solutions to enhance front end development processes.
  • Proven experience as a Front End Developer or similar role, with a strong portfolio showcasing your front end development projects.
  • Proficiency in front end technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery. Experience with modern JavaScript frameworks (e.g., React, Angular, Vue.js) is highly desirable.
  • Solid understanding of responsive web design principles, mobile-first development, and cross-browser compatibility.
  • Experience with front end build tools and preprocessors (e.g., Webpack, Gulp, Sass, Less).
  • Familiarity with UI/UX design principles and the ability to work closely with design teams to implement their vision effectively.
  • Knowledge of front end performance optimization techniques and tools.
  • Understanding of version control systems, preferably Git.
  • Familiarity with back-end development and server-side technologies (e.g., Node.js, RESTful APIs) is a plus.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to debug and resolve complex issues efficiently.
  • Excellent attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality work within specified timelines.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a team environment.
  • A passion for learning and staying updated with emerging trends and technologies in front end development.

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