“Inlogic” Openings for Python Developer

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Job Role: Python Developer

Eligibility: Graduate

Experience: 1 – 3 years

Job Location: Pune

Company Profile:

Information Technology (IT) is no longer the preserve of a small group of “hi-tech” companies or of a small group of tech-savvy individuals; in the past two decades, the application, use and reach of IT has grown by leaps and bounds to touch every person on this planet. IT has grown substantially simpler than it used to be – a small investment of time on learning a few widely available tools and techniques can make any small business or individual capable of creating their own websites and e-brochures. On the other hand, IT complexity has also grown because of the explosion of IT-enabled products, services and devices that a system needs to integrate with.


  • Coordinating with development teams to determine application requirements.
  • Writing scalable code using Python programming language.
  • Testing and debugging applications.
  • Developing back-end components.
  • Integrating user-facing elements using server-side logic.
  • Assessing and prioritizing client feature requests.
  • Integrating data storage solutions.
  • Coordinating with front-end developers.
  • Reprogramming existing databases to improve functionality.
  • Developing digital tools to monitor online traffic.


  • Demonstrated practical in-depth knowledge of data integration, metadata, BI analytics tools and Big Data tools
  • Experience in database management systems e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MS SQL Server
  • Experience in programming for data science, statistics, or modeling
  • Experience in Python, including numerical libraries e.g. NumPy and scikit-learn
  • Experience in installing, configuring, and testing Hadoop ecosystem components (e.g. Hadoop, Storm, Kafka, Cassandra, Spark, Hive, Pig, etc.)
  • Experience in data visualization tools or libraries e.g. Power BI, Python (ggplot, matplotlib, pandas, pygal), and JavaScript (Leaflet, D3)
  • Experience in data applications such as Weka, RapidMiner, SAS EM, and other applications
  • A degree in IT or Mathematics
  • Work experience of at least 1 year

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